Swaymetrics is the premier reporting tool for the 21st century marketer.  It allows you to quickly sync your ad channels, create customizable reports, and share key metrics with your stakeholders.

Swaymetrics is built for marketers working with agencies or in-house teams.  If you’ve been wasting time creating redundant reports, struggling to collaborate efficiently with stakeholders, or just looking to impress your clients with stunning professional reports, Swaymetrics is the tool for you.

Swaymetrics allows you to have complete control of what you share with others.  You are free to show any metrics, creatives, or graphs to help align business strategy.  We also built in live collaboration to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

No!  Data can be synced in seconds, and your login credentials will be auto-saved for future use.

Swaymetrics has you up and running in minutes.  Our reports feature drag-and-drop widgets that make it easy to quickly add graphs, text, videos, tables...anything that helps you better tell your story.


Not fast enough?  You can use one of our pre-made templates to create a report in seconds!  We designed them specifically to help you get started by showcasing key metrics from the most popular ad channels.  Then, drag-and-drop to customize it.

No!  Once you’ve tweaked a report to perfection, save it as your own custom template.  Next time you create a new report, select your custom template to start with your preferred layout, visualizations, and metrics.

Yes!  Swaymetrics offers you the ability to add personalized videos, images, text, and external links to your reports.

Swaymetrics offers a variety of reporting choices to suit your unique needs.  Reports can be viewed as a live webpage (accessed by permission), downloaded as a PDF, or even viewed as a slide deck to present to your clients without the need to navigate outside the app.

You can share reports with stakeholders via a shareable link and give them the option to either view or edit.  They can leave comments directly on the report to eliminate the need for endless back-and-forth email correspondence.

Yes!  You asked for it, and we listened.  Just select the report, the time interval, and the recipients...we make sure they receive the most recent numbers.

It's very important to us to keep your data both secure and accurate.  Viewing rights to your data will only be available to stakeholders with whom you share a link.  All data is pulled directly from the source, eliminating the risk of errors.

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