Showcase marketing  ROI like never before.

Create customizable, professional, shareable reports in minutes.

Reporting made easy

A better solution for marketers

swaymetrics is a reporting software designed with marketers in mind. We make it easy to consolidate your channels, create fully customizable reports, and share your results with clients and colleagues in a snap.


Perfect for a one many army ready to bring insights and track metrics with your clients and partners.

In-house teams

Get the Executive team onboard with the team’s marketing strategies. 


Organize all your clients’ data and marketing strategies into uniqueworkspaces. Share automatic customized report regularly. 

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Consolidate your marketing channels into one place.

Bring all your ad channels into one place to enable you to quickly and accurately compare results between sources.

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Customize to your needs

Designing beautiful reports is easy with Swaymetrics. You can choose from a customizable pre-made template or create a report from scratch, to empower you to showcase the metrics most relevant to your business.

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Share your work

Share reports via a secure URL or PDF to enable all key stakeholders to view or collaborate. With automatic report distribution, we make it easy to keep your colleagues up-to-date!

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Ready to take your marketing reports to the next level?

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